Anki is an open source spaced-repetition flash cards application available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Transcrobes includes an Anki 2.1 and later-compatible server, enabling you to synchronise your Transcrobes data with the standard Anki client.

You can download Anki from the site.

Note: Transcrobes needs a special Anki model format in order to work, so be very care not to change the Transcrobes deck or model.

Configuring Anki for use with Transcrobes

First download and install the latest version of Anki from the Ankiweb site. Open it and select your preferred language for the Anki interface.

When you get to the main interface, click on the Tools menu option, and select Add-ons. Now click on the Get Add-ons button. A popup box will appear with the field Code. Put 567022567 into that and click Ok.

Now close and reopen Anki.

When Anki is open again and you have selected your profile (this happens automatically if you only have one), click on the Tools menu option again and select Preferences. Click on the Network tab. You will see the following window

Anki setup

Check the option Use custom sync server. In the Server address textbox you should enter the complete URL that your admin gave you for connecting to Transcrobes. Now check the option Only use custom sync server for selected profiles, and select the profile that you just created. The above picture has the profile User 1, which is the default profile created when you first set up Anki.

You can create other profiles or rename them but if you rename your Transcrobes profile after first setting it up then you MUST return to this screen and select the profile with the new name.

Using Anki

Anki is an amazing application with lots of features. It has a great import system that allows you to import data.

If you haven’t used Anki before, take some time to read the official docs and familiarise yourself with it.

For more information on specifically getting your word lists into Transcrobes, check out the dedicated page

Extra information

Your other Anki profiles will still be synchronised with the standard Anki server. Bare in mind that this screen enables you to sync more than one profile. If your administrator gives you more than one login, then you can configure them all here to point to the Transcrobes server. However, do NOT attempt to synchronise non-Transcrobes profiles with your Transcrobes server. Transcrobes only works with a very specific format of Anki deck, and attempting to synchronise non-Transcrobes decks will likely result in you losing some or all of your data!