Transcrobes in the Browser

Transcrobes includes two Firefox browser extensions.

In the future these extensions will be available directly in the Firefox Addons store but for the moment you will need to manually install them. The extensions aren’t yet signed, so they also require that you allow unsigned extensions. When the extensions are added to the store, they will be signed, so this process will no longer be necessary.

Allowing unsigned extensions

To do this simply enter about:config in the URL bar. Accept any warnings about Dragons or other dangerous winged carnivores. Enter xpinstall in the search box at the top of the page (not the URL bar) as follows


You should double-click on the line xpinstall.signatures.required. In the column Value you should see false. Now that’s done you can install the extensions.

Note on iOS

Unfortunately, Apple don’t allow allow any form of extensions on iOS, and Firefox for iOS is not really Firefox at all (it uses the built-in HTML engine, not Mozilla’s). We don’t currently have a solution for using Transcrobes on iOS, so you will need to use one of the supported platforms until we do.

Connecting to the Transcrobes Server

You will need to connect the extensions to the server with the server URL, your username and password. Get in touch with your server admin for information on getting those.

After you have installed each extension, you will need to head to the extension configuration page for each of them

Click on the menu button -> Add-ons. On the desktop you have several tabs, select Extensions if not already selected. You now see a list of the extensions you have installed. If you don’t see either of the browser extensions you are trying to install, try installing again and make sure you accept any warnings about unsigned extensions. Click on the Preferences button on the desktop or directly on the extension name on mobile.

Now enter the information given to you by your administrator into the form


Now you’ve done that, you can start using the extensions. Check out the documentation for each extension to see what you can do with them.