Getting started for non-beginners

If you have been learning a language for a while, you already know at least a few words in that language. Transcrobes needs to learn what words you know in order to know not to translate them for you in the texts you read, so if you already have lists of the words you know in digital format, you can import them directly give Transcrobes a big head start.

Users of digital flashcard systems

If you are already using a digital flashcard system, you can migrate your data to Transcrobes. You will need to export your data from your existing application, and then import that data to Transcrobes.

Please check the documentation for your application on how to export your cards to CSV and export them. When you have a CSV file, you can move on to importing.

Other sources

You will need to get your word lists into CSV, or another Anki 2.1 or later supported format. Anki has great information on how to get your data into a compatible format, so please check the Anki site for more details.

Importing your data

Transcrobes is Anki 2.1 or later compatible, and currently the only way to import data is by setting up Anki 2.1 or later, connecting your account, then importing into Anki and synchronising. Transcrobes requires a particular format, and currently only supports a few fields per model. When you connect, Transcrobes will initialise Anki with the required format when you first synchronise your account.

You can find instructions for configuring Anki to work with Transcrobes here