Before you begin

Start out by setting up your browser, if you haven’t done that yet.


You can download the latest version of the notrobes browser extension here

Sometimes you want to look up a word that you have seen that is not on a webpage. Notrobes allows you to look that word up using all the dictionaries that your admin has enabled on the Transcrobes server. When it finds the word or words you entered, you will be able to add that to your personal database of words that you know or are learning.

If your admin has enabled it, you will also see other useful information, such as any official word list the word belongs to (like the HSK level for Chinese) and word frequency information. This extra information can help you decide whether you want to add the word to your active learning list right now or not - there are far too many words in a language to learn in a single day, so you should prioritise the words you need for study or those that are most common, and leave the rarely encountered words for later!

Using Notrobes

Simply enter a word in the language you are learning into the word entry textbox (in the image above for Chinese, it’s Hanzi) and the system will go off and get the definitions. If you already have the word in your learning database, it will appear in the Notes section at the bottom, with the definition and tags you have added to the entry.

The above image has three (Chinese to English) dictionaries enabled, plus a “fallback”. Sometimes the word or phrase you are searching for won’t appear in one or more of the dictionaries, sometimes it doesn’t appear in any. The fallback section just above the notes section uses machine translation as a backup, to make sure that whatever you put in, you will always get at least an attempt at an answer.

You can add the word to your learning database by clicking on the green plus sign, and the page will update with the entry in the Notes field, indicating it’s now in your database. If you already have a definition but think that one of the other options available is better, simply click on the plus sign and it will replace the definition in your current note with the new one.

The Extra Tags textbox allows you to add extra tags to the entry when you add it. This is particularly useful when you use the Anki client integrations