For Users

Currently, Transcrobes system administrators need to set up new users. If you are a user please ask your admin to create an account. They will provide you with the username, password and URL you can use to connect to the system.

Please refer to the setup documentation for each client application for details on setting up each individual application, available here

For admins

User creation is currently done via a command line script available on the Transcrobes Core pod. Connect to the pod via kubectl:

kubectl exec -it $(tpn.tcr) sh

You can now create new users with the following command

./ username [--password a_password] [--email]

If you don’t provide a password on the command line then the script will prompt you to enter one. You can also provide an email, though this is not currently used - users must use their username to connect, not their email.

User signup and password reset forms will be included in a future version.