Engineering L2

Design principles for reality

This post is in a series of posts discussing issues of a “new” theory of SLA - Meaningful IO. Theorising vs Doing One of the things that you learn “down in the trenches”, doing actual software engineering on real world problems, is that theories about the world almost always can’t just be implemented as-is in software and solve a problem in an optimal way. Theorising of any kind necessarily needs to to abstract away some of the details and will focus on a particular aspect or set of aspects. [Read More]

Anton's PhD thesis

I (Anton) have been accepted to develop the ideas in this project for a PhD thesis at the Linguistics and Translation department of the City University of Hong Kong from September 2019. While it is not certain that this particular code-base will be developed for the PhD, the PhD work will be open source, and there is no particular reason for it not to build on the existing code. This means I will be working on this (or an equivalent) project for the next four years! [Read More]

English support

UPDATE: 2020-12-01 English support has been temporarily removed in order to focus fully on Chinese. If there is significant community interest, that could always change. Preliminary support for Chinese learners of English has been implemented and is now available for testing. As expected, integrating a second language pair required basically rewriting the entire system to be able to handle any input and output language. That said, the inflectional characteristics of English are a new challenge for the system and have not been fully integrated. [Read More]

Hello, World!

Transcrobes is born

This blog post announces the official open-sourcing of the (brand new) Transcrobes project. Code is available for all components on Gitlab. Some ideas were originally posted to Blogger before the code was open-sourced. Future blogposts on the project by the maintainers should happen directly on Transcrobes proposes a new paradigm for language learning, one that finally puts each individual language learner at the centre of everything. Content-based instruction, extensive reading and other modern approaches have been pushing in this direction for several decades, Transcrobes is an open source project that takes this approach to the logical conclusion. [Read More]