What is it?

Transcrobes is an open source project that puts the learner at the centre of the “extensive content consumption” process. It builds a representation of the learner’s lexical (and soon grammatical) knowledge and then uses that information to enrich (gloss) real-world texts in-place as learners consume real-world content, on their preferred devices.

Current Status

Transcrobes currently only fully supports learning Chinese for English speakers. If your English is very good, then you should be Ok but otherwise you’re better to wait until your preferred language has been implemented.

Live Server Experiment

After many months of intense focus on developing new features and making the system faster and more scalable, the system is now ready for real learners, adding real value for language learners who wish to super-charge their learning in a fun and efficient way. Experimental platform The Meaningful IO research project experimental server is now live, and accepting signups for learners of Mandarin Chinese who are willing to participate in the research project. [Read More]

Engineering L2

Design principles for reality

This post is in a series of posts discussing issues of a “new” theory of SLA - Meaningful IO. Theorising vs Doing One of the things that you learn “down in the trenches”, doing actual software engineering on real world problems, is that theories about the world almost always can’t just be implemented as-is in software and solve a problem in an optimal way. Theorising of any kind necessarily needs to to abstract away some of the details and will focus on a particular aspect or set of aspects. [Read More]