If you have signed up and are looking to get started, then here are instructions for beginners are here are instructions for advanced beginners and above.

What is it?

Transcrobes is an open source software and research project that puts the learner at the centre of the language learning process. It builds a representation of the learner’s lexical (and soon grammatical) knowledge and then uses that information to enrich (gloss) real-world texts in-place as learners consume real-world content, on their preferred devices. It also provides highly optimised tools for learning vocabulary and gives deep understanding into how learning is progressing over time.

Who is it for?

Transcrobes currently only fully supports learning Chinese for English speakers. If your English is very good, then you should be Ok but otherwise you’re better to wait until your preferred language has been implemented. Learning other languages is planned, with English and Russian planned for next.

Can I try it out?

When you first start learning a language as a young adult (and later), you need quite specialised material, and it is often good to have explicit instruction/teaching on grammar, pronunciation, word-formation, etc. Transcrobes does not yet do this, though we are working on instructions for using it with existing (free) resources from platforms like Coursera. Transcrobes can be used with these courses to greatly improve your learning.

Advanced beginners and above (1000+ words with basic grammar) learners can continue to learn with traditional courses, or could decide that Transcrobes provides everything they need (with extra/free resources they can find online).

If you want to be a part of the active university research project sponsoring the development of this project and try out the software, you can get information here and sign up here.

There are also instructions on how to best make use of the platform

Learning using Transcrobes

As a teenager (and later), you aren’t the “blank slate” that you are when you learn your first language. You have a certain number of skills and learning habits that need to be taken advantage of if you want to learn a language most efficiently. Transcrobes has already implemented a number of functionalities that help you better manage the activities that are most valuable and useful for learning. Development of features is driven by science - unfortunately something that is often lacking in both mandatory schooling and software designed for language learning. [Read More]