Resources for beginners

Here are the lists of vocabulary, extracted into Transcrobes-compatible CSV import files for each course and lesson. After importing each file, you can create a list and then learn/revise in Repetrobes.

The “Chinese Characters for Beginners” courses have a focus on getting you to understand better how Chinese characters are constructed, so you can better understand the logic behind them, and thus more easily learn. They have some vocabulary that you might not need right away but you can also usefully learn in Repetrobes.

The resources for the “Chinese for Beginners” courses below are a little different than those for other courses, in that these courses do NOT have characters in them. They are good introductory courses though, and we believe there is value in following along and also learning characters if you want to, so we have provided character lists that have a lot of of the vocabulary introduced and practiced. You should go with one of the other courses to start with though.

While the courses below are not “free”, in that in order to get a certificate and do all the quizzes you need to pay, you can audit them, watch all the videos and access some of the quizzes and resources. Unless you need the certificate, auditing the course and learning the vocab with Repetrobes is a great way to get started for free.

Chinese for Beginners

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Chinese Characters for Beginner

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