Single-User Production on Microk8s

Never Say Never

This is Part 1 of a mini-series of my experiences getting Transcrobes migrated from separate server apps on a 4gig Alibaba Cloud VM to microk8s on the same VM, and automating (almost) everything with Gitlab CI. Introduction Microk8s is a kube-in-a-box distribution sponsored by Ubuntu, and in this blog post I recount my experiences getting my own personal Transcrobes installation migrated to a Kubernetes Helm chart and running on it on a 4GB VM on Alibaba Cloud in China. [Read More]

Hello, World!

Transcrobes is born

This blog post announces the official open-sourcing of the (brand new) Transcrobes project. Code is available for all components on Gitlab. Some ideas were originally posted to Blogger before the code was open-sourced. Future blogposts on the project by the maintainers should happen directly on Transcrobes proposes a new paradigm for language learning, one that finally puts each individual language learner at the centre of everything. Content-based instruction, extensive reading and other modern approaches have been pushing in this direction for several decades, Transcrobes is an open source project that takes this approach to the logical conclusion. [Read More]

The Language Conspiracy

How are we really special? Reification is part of normal usage of natural language (just like metonymy for instance), as well as of literature, where a reified abstraction is intended as a figure of speech, and actually understood as such. But the use of reification in logical reasoning or rhetoric is misleading and usually regarded as a fallacy. According to Alfred North Whitehead, one commits the fallacy of misplaced concreteness when one mistakes an abstract belief, opinion, or concept about the way things are for a physical or “concrete” reality: “There is an error; but it is merely the accidental error of mistaking the abstract for the concrete. [Read More]