Anton's PhD thesis

I (Anton) have been accepted to develop the ideas in this project for a PhD thesis at the Linguistics and Translation department of the City University of Hong Kong from September 2019. While it is not certain that this particular code-base will be developed for the PhD, the PhD work will be open source, and there is no particular reason for it not to build on the existing code.

This means I will be working on this (or an equivalent) project for the next four years! Though there is still a lot to do to build a truly useful, open, user-friendly language-learning research platform, the current platform at least proves it is worth attempting, and that quite a bit can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

As the project’s future is now relatively certain and a solid technical base laid, I will be temporarily stepping back from active development to give me a chance to properly use the system to learn Chinese. I will not attempt any major new functionality before September, though will definitely be coming back with a lot of real-world experience using the system.

If anyone else wants to participate then I will certainly fully support that going forward though. And if those contributions are particularly interesting then I may get dragged back into writing some more code too…

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