Common data and configuration tasks

Name Task Type Status Comments
reader settings Reader config available Personlise the reading aids
imports Data/Content import available Supported formats: TXT, CSV, epub (v3), SRT, VTT (more soon)
user dictionaries Dictionary management available Override system defaults with personalised meaning/translation providers
vocabulary bootstrap Known vocabulary input available Quickly teach the system what you know
exports Data export available Word-level and daily activity exports (more soon)
word lists Define meaningful vocabulary/grammar sets Vocabulary available Grammar lists available soon
goals Define personal goals Basic availability Goals based on single lists and basic progress information available. Predictive algorithm (when the goal will be achieved based on recent progress) coming soon!
contents Manage content available Supported types: subtitled video, ebooks (epub format), (more coming, including karaoke)
glossing Content glossing available Supported types: None, segmented, known synonym, sounds/transliterations, native language, sounds + native language (more soon)


Name Task Type Status Comments
user preferences Preferences available Supported platform-wide preferences: Dark mode
system actions Maintenance available System maintenance actions

System information and explainers

Name Task Type Status Comments
content enrichment Information available Content enrichment is what allows Transcrobes to provide individualised help on authentic content