In this section of the website you can find resources that will help you connect your learning to other sources. You can obviously bring your own resources to Transcrobes, and for most things like content, you will need to.

You can find detailed getting started information for beginners, or for advanced Beginners+. These pages give (quite long) introductions into many aspects of language learning that you might not think of but are important if you want to learn efficiently, so when you have some spare time, you should take a few moments to read through them.

Recommended courses and resources

Disclaimer: the author/site is only affiliated with the City University of Hong Kong and has no connection to the following sites or resources at all (except thinking they are great!).

External courses for beginners

All of the courses below suggest you use flashcards or even directly tell you to use a specific spaced repetition system - Anki (another free and partially open source system) to help you learn and remember vocabulary. Transcrobes includes a flashcard/spaced repetition system that is highly optimised for learning language, and learning Mandarin Chinese in particular. Click on the links below to get ready-made resources specifically for each course (and each lesson!) for importing into Transcrobes so you can easily use the Transcrobes flashcard functionality while following along with the courses.



External information sites

Hacking Chinese

Hacking Chinese website has a lot of great free resources. I have no knowledge of their paid courses but if the free resources are anything to go by, they will also be excellent.