See here for more details on the scientific theories behind the Transcrobes project.

Understanding language learning

You can find detailed getting started information for beginners, or for advanced Beginners+. These pages give (quite long) introductions into many aspects of language learning that you might not think of but are important if you want to learn efficiently, so when you have some spare time, you should take a few moments to read through them.

Supported Activities

Real language/Content-focused activities

Name Activity Type Status Comments
brocrobes web available
boocrobes books (soon e-comics) available Some user interface usability issues are currently being improved
moocrobes video available for downloaded video, streaming coming soon
mucrobes music coming soon initial support will be for a karaoke-style interface

Active learning-focused activities

Name Activity Type Status Comments
repetrobes vocabulary memorisation available
notrobes word lookup available many functions available, many more planned!

Meta-learning-focused activities

The development focus until now has been on making extensive content consumption tools (web, ebooks, video) available and starting to collect data. notrobes (see above) already has some basic information on what the system knows your vocabulary knowledge, including the number of times the word has been seen, definitions looked up, etc. The next phase will concentrate on giving further insights on how you are progressing towards your goals, which has already begun with the statistics module.

Name Activity Type Status Comments
Dashboard personal statistics available Basic, highly level indicators
Statistics personal statistics available Basic statistics available, much more to come